Advanced Engagement helps you to positively influence security culture in your organisation using customised security awareness training trusted by financial services organisations and professional bodies.

“Culture will eat your (Security) Strategy for breakfast”

Across many years of helping business leaders and security managers improve security, it is clear that culture is the key element which determines the success of any security programme. Align communication and training with culture and the chances of success are vastly improved.

At the core of what we offer are highly engaging security awareness training videos, customised for your organisation and delivered seamlessly from our cloud platform. We use advanced techniques to ensure that staff retention of security messages is maximised.

Advanced Engagement resources are mandatory learning for all ICAS employees as part of our staff training and development. These provide useful and easy to comprehend, illustrative examples that highlight and create understanding about cyber security and data protection risks. As we consider them to be of such high quality, we use a number of the available training resources within our teaching materials for students undertaking the ICAS CA qualification.

Alasdair Douglas, Lecturer, ICAS


Your security awareness programme can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes and you have access to all videos without additional cost.



Why Behavioural Science meets Security

You may be aware that we are delivering our Behavioural Science meets Security workshop on the 14th & 15th of May. You may also be aware of the need to address security-related behaviours in your organisation, but why should you choose to attend this training?

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How to find a Security Awareness Partner

Commonly we find that when we first speak to an organisation about security awareness, behaviours or culture change, there is a desire to focus on improving the human element in relation to security but up until that point, there has been a difficulty in finding a Security Awareness Partner to work with.

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