So, what are the common obstacles?

The most common issues in finding a Security Awareness Partner include not knowing what you are aiming for, leading to the wrong requirements. Some organisations have ended up running their own phishing service when they don’t have the resource or skillset for it. Additionally, not being able to agree collectively on awareness material; videos, posters, guides, leading to a stalemate over the type of material to use. And thirdly, being unclear on outcomes, which leads to a disconnect between cost and benefit.

So, how could you address these?

Be clear on what you are looking for. Like most things in Cyber and Information Security, there is no silver bullet. Security Awareness and Culture Change are intended to improve the behaviours within the organisation. Identifying why you are addressing the human side of security is the most powerful thing you can do. If the answer is compliance or just a high-level statement you may struggle to work out your needs. If however, you can link issues already experienced or risks to be managed then things will be much easier.

We recommend thinking like your staff. Target your staff with appropriate material that, rather than turning them off, engages them. Common pitfalls are using material that tries to teach someone to be a Cyber Ninja, isn’t geographically relevant or uses a style you would see 10 or more years ago.

If you can rationalise the cost of something you’ll have a much clearer picture of it’s value to the organisation. If you can be clear about why you are doing what you are doing and the cost of doing it a different way, you’ll have a better handle on whether what you are planning is cost-effective. Focussing on this will also help you identify benefits when speaking to any potential partner.

How can Advanced Engagement help you?

We offer engaging, cost-effective and easy to use Security Awareness training as a fully managed service. We are successfully delivering nationally to a number of clients who recognise our expertise not just in delivering the service but also the bigger picture.

We’d love to speak to you about the above so please get in contact using our Contact form.