Why Behavioural Science meets Security? Awareness is good, it gives your staff a level of understanding of the threats to the organisation and the expected behaviours in relation to them. We use it for that purpose. Some behaviours though aren’t changed just by making people aware. There can be many things in the environment around someone that can make them “choose” another behaviour over the one you want.

In addition to Security Awareness services, we help organisations address these stickier problems using behavioural science techniques to effect change. We want to help make this skillset available more widely, so we’ve put this training together with our friends at Sodak.

So why does choosing to attend make sense?


Working out what Security Awareness to deliver upfront only gets you so far. Being able to accurately identify the things that are leading to “insecure” behaviours gives you the ability to be specific about the interventions you design. This is valuable because everyone doesn’t necessarily need the same interventions. During the workshop, we’ll help you understand and practice techniques that bring this ability to be specific from a behavioural perspective.

With a behaviourally insightful description of the actions your staff are taking in problem areas and a framework through which to design “interventions”, you can more effectively take actions that will change staff behaviours for the better.


You’ll pick up a bunch of new skills and techniques at the workshop as well as a toolkit. With these you’ll be able to more quickly build a mature security awareness programme, potentially avoiding years of wasted effort. In doing so you’re less likely to overburden staff with security messaging. All of these things are likely to mean a better return on your efforts.

So why Behavioural Science meets Security? You have the freedom to choose from many security training courses, doesn’t this one sound worth it?

For more information and to sign up please check out https://sodak.co.uk/cyber-workshop/